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30 years and we ain’t dead yet.
This is amazing considering that  a few years ago Charo decided that wearing 4 inch heels to shoot a commercial shoot was a good idea.  After loading her gear outside her car she stepped out into the middle of the tripod she had placed next to the car and somehow wound her entire body around it as she fell out of her Honda.  Because of the angle, she feared impalement and twisted her body and her ankle around the tripod tearing her Achilles tendon. Too embarrassed to admit her vanity or her injury, she went and did the shoot while joking with the engineers leaning like a  saucy minx on counters while she shot the job as if she did this shit every day, no big deal.

My worst scenario was this:  The year was 1999, I was in my third year of business. I was shooting at St Mary’s Menomonee Falls and it was approximately 5000 degrees out and at the time the church had no air conditioning.   Every the intrepid newbie, I went up into the balcony for shots of the ceremony.   In the balcony, it was 6000 degrees.  I took a few shots and sat there with sweat rolling down my back into my ass crack and reflected that I had the greatest job in the world until the moment that I realized that the doors had closed behind me and I was locked in the balcony.

I panicked, I sobbed, and then I did what any professional photographer would do, I dropped my lens cap on to the head of a guest in the back of the church and frantically gestured to him to help me.  He did and the bride and groom never knew.

This is seriously the worst thing we can think of in our careers.  We’re really really lucky.

For many years we were both single. Then we married, divorced, remarried, etc and still we treated our business as a one woman show. Even when we eventually did have significant others we didn’t really think about how they would handle our affairs if we were suddenly gone.

I talked in this post about the impetus of this guide,  and realized that despite all of our posturing online about photographers half-assing their buisness affairs, we had neglected in our own businesses a really critical part: disaster management.  I asked Charo “If I died, would you know where to find my shit?  Because if you asked me right now, I would say you are the only one on the planet who would know” and her answer was “I’d have a good idea, but you do shit weird and I’d be really really mad at you and want to kill you all over again for making me work so hard to figure out your weird shit”

That’s pretty much how we roll as BFF’s.

So with that, we give you the cunningly named “Easy Peasy Master Disaster Oh S**t Kit”.  Designed for the tech-savvy as well as  the tech-challenged, but mostly designed for your family if they have to clean up your weird shit.

It’s easy.

It’s cheap.

And it’s awesome.

And because YOU are awesome, you get a discount code. I KNOW, you love us so much.  We love you too, and we want you to clean up your shit.

Check out the details here.  And enter the code ACAD2013 for your $20 off.  (Hurry – once 100 people get that $20 off, the discount code will expire)


P.S.  We really don’t want you to die.  Honest.





Ever done one of those Briggs Myers personality tests that describes your traits?  Pretty fascinating stuff.

Hey baby, I’m a ENFP, how ’bout you?

After being in the photography business awhile I’ve noticed similar traits with most of my friends who are in the biz who describe themselves as an “Artist” first and foremost:

Prone to periods of great bursts of activity and productivity, followed by periods of despair, self loathing, drinking and getting abso-fucking-lutely nothing done.

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