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Come gather ’round people
Wherever you roam
And admit that the waters
Around you have grown
And accept it that soon
You’ll be drenched to the bone
If your time to you
Is worth savin’
Then you better start swimmin’
Or you’ll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin’

~Bob Dylan

In case you haven’t noticed, shit’s getting real out there in the photography industry.  While it seems that there’s never been a time where more people were entering the industry, it’s also an unprecedented time of people leaving the industry.


They can’t figure out how to fight anymore.  And make no mistake,  it’s a fight out there.  But what most people don’t see is the fight is not with other photographers who are doing faster-better-cheaper than you. The fight is right there in your own studio, or your own basement office, or where ever you conduct business.  The fight is when you won’t make changes our of fear,or from being overwhelmed and the world starts passing you by.

I don’t know how to say it any more plainly that this: you cannot keep doing the same thing year after year in this business and be successful anymore.

Look around you at the people who are still in the game and doing well.  They are always evolving and growing.  Maybe they’ve  added on in-person sales after their engagement photos when they used to proof them online, maybe they’ve added in boudoir sessions to their studio, maybe they’ve revamped all of their marketing collateral to freshen things up.  The photographers that I know who are successful are ALWAYS busy doing something new.   They are always changing their pricing to be more profitable, they are marketing different,  they are networking in new ways,  they are speaking and teaching other photographers.  Whatever. Whatever it takes.

You cannot just do what you did last year and wait for them to come back.

Starting tomorrow we are going to be doing Google Hangouts with photographers and people in the photo industry who are doing something right. We want to hang out with them and hear what they have to say about what they are doing to make themselves PROFITABLE.

PROFITABLE.  It’s not a dirty word, people.  In fact, it’s the word that will keep you in business.

First at bat, Joy Vertz our favorite Numbers Nerd will be joining us to talk about Beating the Winter Blues with some ideas on what you should be working on right now in your studio with spring around the corner.  Joy is one of the smartest business people I know despite her love of that stupid Washi Tape stuff.   The day I knew I wanted to be Joy Vertz when I grew up was the day a few years ago she told me ” I had a really good day because I figured out that if I raised my print prices .95 across the board this quarter I’ll make enough money to buy a hot tub”

My mind does not work like that. But you know what? I want to know people who do think like that.  Joy will be joining us tomorrow at 12:30 CST on a Google Hangout HERE.  Can’t make the hangout? No worries, we’ll be linking it to our You Tube Channel after the broadcast.

Next up miss Molly Marie, who is going to be talkin’ Boudie with us on Thursday Feb 6 at 1PM CST.  I cannot WAIT to talk to this sassy lass.  I  know squat about boudoir photography, but what I do know is that it’s one of the fastest growing segments of the photography world and I want to hear how she grew  her business in town you’ve probably never heard of in western Wisconsin. Think you can’t make it specializing in a niche photography like boudoir? You’re wrong and she’s just the gal to tell you why.  She’s going to give us the low down on what boudoir photography is (and isn’t) and how she is profitable shooting boudie.

Most importantly, these hangouts mean that Charo and I will have to appear on camera and also brush our hair.  That right there should tell you that we think  these fabulous woman  have something to say, because we really don’t brush our hair for many people.







When I started in-person sales for portraits in the olden days we had to walk uphill in the snow one way for a mile to sell to our clients.

I invested in some really pricey software that was pretty much the only player in the game at the time.  I then invested a full day to learn to set it up, paid for a conference to delve into the advanced features, and it has since required pricey upgrades.  While it’s a great program, it’s really more suited for a high volume studio for it to really “pay for itself” but as I said, there wasn’t any other option.

Enter the new technology of iPad  and You Proof and BAM!  You can be off and running doing in person sales in under an hour.  Not kidding, it’s that easy.

The interface is clean and simple and I think it would be perfect for someone who is interested in doing in-person sales but is a bit intimated and hasn’t made the leap. They have short, easy to understand tutorials and you don’t even need a studio space to do the sales. You could do it in the clients  home, in a coffee shop…all you need is an iPad and you are off and running.  I’m planning on using this for my out of town portrait mini sessions that I have once a year!

So how about you get your New Year off to a great start and win yourself this nifty app?  We’ve got a few free download codes to give away.  Winners will be chosen at noon on December 31 and you have until midnight January 1 to use the code.

How do you win?  Easy.  Just leave us some blog love in the comments and be sure to leave your email address. Tell us why you want to try this app, tell us your dreams and goals for 2014 or whatever you’d like to share. Two winners will be randomly chosen!

Disclaimer Stuff: Winners will be notified via email with their download code shortly after noon on December 31. The download must be redeemed before January 1, 2014. You must have an iPad 2nd generation or higher running iOS6 or higher to use YouProof.