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Hurry for some end of the year awesomeness: Enter to win by Dec 31 for You Proof App for killer in-person sales

When I started in-person sales for portraits in the olden days we had to walk uphill in the snow one way for a mile to sell to our clients.

I invested in some really pricey software that was pretty much the only player in the game at the time.  I then invested a full day to learn to set it up, paid for a conference to delve into the advanced features, and it has since required pricey upgrades.  While it’s a great program, it’s really more suited for a high volume studio for it to really “pay for itself” but as I said, there wasn’t any other option.

Enter the new technology of iPad  and You Proof and BAM!  You can be off and running doing in person sales in under an hour.  Not kidding, it’s that easy.

The interface is clean and simple and I think it would be perfect for someone who is interested in doing in-person sales but is a bit intimated and hasn’t made the leap. They have short, easy to understand tutorials and you don’t even need a studio space to do the sales. You could do it in the clients  home, in a coffee shop…all you need is an iPad and you are off and running.  I’m planning on using this for my out of town portrait mini sessions that I have once a year!

So how about you get your New Year off to a great start and win yourself this nifty app?  We’ve got a few free download codes to give away.  Winners will be chosen at noon on December 31 and you have until midnight January 1 to use the code.

How do you win?  Easy.  Just leave us some blog love in the comments and be sure to leave your email address. Tell us why you want to try this app, tell us your dreams and goals for 2014 or whatever you’d like to share. Two winners will be randomly chosen!

Disclaimer Stuff: Winners will be notified via email with their download code shortly after noon on December 31. The download must be redeemed before January 1, 2014. You must have an iPad 2nd generation or higher running iOS6 or higher to use YouProof.





  1. I would love to have this! I just started looking at iPad options for in person sales, and this looks great!

  2. I have to get my IPS going in 2014 – maybe this will help me out 😉

  3. Hey, awesome giveaway, Kim! I tried IPS last year but didn’t do so hot. 2014 is definitely the year it makes a comeback, hopefully with a few new tools in my arsenal. :)

  4. I’d love to give this a try. I’m just starting with IPS and using an app designed for my iPad would be a great boon.

  5. OH! Get me going on this. My in person sales are tanking at a zero, so I need a good upstart. Maybe this is it. :)

  6. I recently purchased an iPad and would love to see how this app could be utilized in my in-person sales. I’ve been using a tv connected to my LR program on my pc and maybe this will help me streamline things to be more efficient. Thank you!

  7. Your posts are motivating me to get more ‘mobile’ in tech and analog, (in-person) sales in 2014. It sounds like a great conversation starter as well as a tool to make the process so much easier. Appreciate the contest and good luck to whoever wins this!

  8. As a part-time photographer, without a studio, going into a person’s home with this would be really helpful. The industry standard application is just too pricey for my needs. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to win one!

  9. I have been researching this app for a while and I just got my Ipad in the mail today. This would be the perfect addition to my arsenal because I have just started in person sales.

  10. This seems like a great opportunity to take that next step!!! Thanks for the awesome info and chance to win!

  11. I have never done in-person sales and would love to add this to our offerings. Thanks for the opportunity to possibly win this awesome program.

  12. It would be great to have this app help me fulfill my dream and kick some memory making butt!

  13. This would probably give me the kick that I need to do in-person sales. #iamawimp

  14. I. Need. This.

    Loving this blog!

    Truth hurts. Truth helps.

  15. I would love to try this app! I plan to revamp my business this new year, and this would be a great way to start! Pick me!

  16. I love your blog and the new info that you share. This app would be great to use on my iPad Mini :) Keep up the fab work on your blog…you are the bomb digitty!

  17. Sounds super helpful! This is definitely one of our business goals for 2014.

  18. I hope I win. I have the expensive software and have never used it because of the learning curve.
    And, of course, you know I love the blog, and love the two owners…

    Do I win?

  19. I have found endless knowledge and snickers since finding you guys, thanks for that!

    I have done just a few IPS within the last few months and I’m finding my way, slowly. I just looked at YouProof and it sure beats the pants off of the way I have been doing it. I have big customer service and financial goals for ’14. I can see that YouProof will help me with both of those.

    I hope everyone reaches their goals this coming year! Happy New year everyone!!

  20. First, I love love love your blog. SO outspoken, telling it like tis, yrs of experience but still manage a good sense of humor and wisdom. A pal sending me her iPhone 3G, cos she got an upgrade. To say I’m thrilled is an understatement.

    I missed the rad Preveal sale around Black Friday. So this would be SUPER! Ppl always want to buy my photos, but I’m not yet set up for it. Would be great, cos a) super that ppl want my pix b) I sure could use the money to pay for this expensive endeavor. Thank you!

  21. I would love to win this because: 1) FREE is always a good reason to want something, 2) Apple would be happy because then I’d finally give in to peer pressure & purchase an iPad, 3) It would be a nice, firm kick in the seat to boost my lazy, insecure self into IPS, and 4) I just like to win.

    Even if I don’t win, you guys rock my photographer wantabe life <3 Thanks for the opportunity!

  22. This would be amazing to win – I’ve been sitting on the fence about IPS and this would definitely help me make that leap!

  23. This app seems to be the one I was looking for !
    I’m already using my Ipad with clients, but photo gallery does not look very professional…
    This app seems weird !!!
    IPS is my major goal for 2014, hope this app will help !

  24. I am going to be starting in-person sales this year and this app will really help!! (

  25. Oh how amazing this would be, 2014 will be the start of my business and oh how I want to start it right!Thank you so much for the giveaway <3 Stacy

  26. Thank you for the giveaway! It would be amazing to win :) I was in a rut and looking to rebrand and move from my digital images to print orders. I shut down my photography business for 2013 so I could focus on my changes. I am going to be re-launching in 214 and will be moving towards person sales this year and the you proof app with definitely help me do that!

  27. Thanks for the giveaway, I always like to try what is new to improve workflow.

  28. This looks like a great app for making IPS very easy – I would love to try it!!

  29. I’m just about to purchase Preveal and I’ve heard the two,work nicely together! Would love to win!

  30. Love how you work, your bluntness is awesome. That is how I roll too.
    I want to start in person sales, but am not quite there yet and this
    would be perfect.

  31. Thanks for your brutally honest opinions. Your slap back to reality is much appreciated. I am adding more and more portrait sessions to my business and this would help streamline the post session process.

  32. Hope it’s not too late to enter. I have been wanting to do in person sales and realized that I left A LOT of money on the table by doing on line proofs. Thanks for advice!

  33. This would be amazing! I’ve been trying to figure out how to do in person sales, but found all the options overwhelming.

  34. Just stumbled on your blog and love it. Might be too late for the drawing but posting anyway.

  35. This will be just the push I need to start doing IPS! Love the blog!!

  36. Thank you for the giveaway. I am just moving away from shoot and burning and would love to win this as I finally move to a different way of doing business.

  37. I’ve never head of YouProof before, so I’m excited to have a chance to learn a new product and to beef up my in-person sales in 2014. I know it works, when I do schedule these sessions, I’ve had the largest sales I’ve ever had. This product would enhance that! Thank you!

  38. I just got her through a facebook share from someone… can’t remember who, and loves your article about the a-hole client that kept waving his spreadsheet around. Lately I have declined to work with several clients, for this or that reason, and my family think I’m crazy for rejecting job, but if I don’t respect myself, what I do and what I want, who will? I have to be selective and also educate my clients on how my studio works. Your article validated my actions and thank you for that.

    Ok, the reason I want You Proof is because I only do online proofing, I leave all the choosing to the clients and that’s it, I would like to try at least once how this works.

    Goodbye for now, I’m going to keep checking your blog and see what other treasures I can find :)

  39. I have an iPad and make a photo gallery to show clients but this looks like something that would work much better and more processional. Would love to win. I am hoping to build my business even more in 2014.

  40. Hello, Thank you for this opportunity! My goals for 2014 is to do in person sales, and be more selective in my clients, as well as market specifically to those clients I want. I believe this app, Your Proof, will help me achieve my goal of in person sales. I tried another platform, but found the interface to be too complicated and expensive. Thanks again!

  41. I would love this opportunity!

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