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Product Review: Gively. A wedding registry service for you and your clients.

Here in the Midwest on the day after your wedding we have this weird ritual called “A Gift Opening”.   Basically what it is is that you go over to the bride or grooms parents house and have brunchy food like cheesy potatoes and tater tot hot dish and open all your gifts in front of immediate friends and family and your bridal party. There’s always one member of the bridal party who is so hung over that they show up green to the opening and they look miserable the entire time they are there.  I’ve never liked them, and when I got married 20 some years ago, I refused to have one.   I wanted to get the hell out of town and head off on my honeymoon, and I had no interest sitting around baby-shower style while people oohed and ahhhed over my new pot holders.  My stepmother was appalled and brought up for YEARS that I didn’t have a gift opening.  At Christmas time for years later I’d open a gift that I already owned and she’d say “Oh, do you already have TV trays/A blender/A set of wine glasses? I’m so sorry, you must have gotten it for a gift, but you see I didn’t know….”

If I had a gift opening, do you know what people would have watched me open?  Picture frames. Glass ones, brass ones, wooden ones, carved ones….we received 23 picture frames as gifts.   I’m sure in the guests heads this made perfect sense, why not give a photographer picture frames!  Genius!!   I think I just used the last one up a few years ago, re-gifting them to people with photos of my kids and their kids.

Welcome to 2014 .  I just spent 30 minutes setting up a wedding registry site for my associate wedding photography clients from Gively.   I’m thrilled with how easy it was to set up, and my clients are freaking out about how cool it is.

What Gively is

  • Full customizable  website that seamlessly integrates with your branding.
  • You control the items you want to include in the registry.
  • Options to have different price lists for different clients.
  • Pre-scripted emails to send to clients, and for them to send to friends and family.
  • Very easy for clients to set up, all they have to do is add the number of services that they wish to be gifted.
  • All payments handled via PayPal directly to the photographer (no percentage of the sales go to Gively)


Some of the things I included on the registry was additional hours on the wedding day, engagement sessions, album upgrades and then the thing that has been the biggest hit for me, generic credits that the clients can use towards any product or service.     If Aunt Judy has a budget of $100 for Barbie and Ken’s wedding gift she can buy them two $49 credits  that they can use for any product or service my studio offers.  Clients can even use the credits towards their final balance if they wish.

Want to see what a personalized registry looks like? 

Promoting it as a free service from our company has been really well received from clients, especially when they find out that all they have to do  to share the site is hit the mail icon where it has a pre-scripted email to send as well as easy links to social media with direct links to their registry.   I suggest to the client that if they feel odd about soliciting people to put in the hands of their most outgoing bridesmaid to help spread the word!

I’m excited to see how this increases our add-on sales this year!

This is the first wedding registry service of it’s kind that I have seen that is easy to use and fully customized and since we love it so, Gively has offered a special price to our blog readers of $14.95 a month instead of the regular $19.95 per month!  Just use this link to sign up and you’ll be on your way.

You can even offer picture frames on it!  :)

Stay Sane, Happy and Profitable,





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