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Have you cuddled your Jesus today?

Here’s an honest question for you: why do so many wedding photographers blanket their marketing and branding in Jesus?

In the ancient times (c. 2008 and prior), it was well known and accepted that your personal belief system had no place in your business marketing.

Smart businesses were businesses – not personalities.

While we all know that Steve Jobs was an atheist, we have no idea what religion Apple is.  I couldn’t tell you if Coca Cola worships the Christian God or Allah, or maybe Coke leans toward the Eastern zen beliefs.  Pepsi is clearly Taoist with that abstract yin-yang symbol, right?  Adidas?

But somewhere in the late 00’s, wedding and portrait photographers the world over seemed to decide that they were *personalities* and not businesses.

They showered their websites and blogs with Christian passages, prayers, symbols of their faith.  It was the complete antithesis to everything we’d been taught in business.  Those of us who chose to keep our personal lives personal and our business lives clean and simple, were dumbfounded.  Even the old-timers who were devout Christians found the new trend a bit distasteful.

Social media has changed how we share.   I’ve chatted with my next door neighbor hundreds of times over the fence but until we became Facebook friends I didn’t know he was teaching a class on ethics and his kids loved Bubble Guppies, whatever that is.

With the changes in DOMA photographers have taken this opportunity to  post status like “IT’S MARRIAGE, NOT A  GAY MARRIAGE” and photos of same sex couples that they had photographed over the years and to update their websites with a rainbow.

Suddenly it seems you not only have to be a photographer, you have to be a photographer with a cause to attract clients.

“Photographers for Paleo!  Our clients love us and have great blood sugar levels too, check out our reviews on Wedding Wire!”

Is advertising your religion giving you an advantage with people who believe in your God?


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  1. Good lord (Allah, Buddha, take your pick)this is fantastic! I can not to save my life wrap my head around why ANYONE would want to brand their business with a religious identity. You ladies kick ass. Keep it up!

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