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Nip Slips: the aftermath

outtakesA whole bunch of you emailed and commented wanting to know the outcome of my hysterical “I want all the outtakes” clients.  It took me this long to follow up because, well, nothing really happened!

I delivered the outtakes as high res files via digital download.  A few days later, two of the outtakes that I had deemed sufficiently pornographic and/or unattractive, showed up as profile and timeline photos on the bride’s Facebook page.  I don’t know if it was a purposeful jab at me, or if they truly loved those awful blurry shots enough to display them.  I just know that there they were, yellow cast and light trail spookified eyes, glaring at me on my timeline.  I hid her profile after that.

I did add one line, bolded, to our contract that states “RAW images and outtakes are never delivered” under the “Release and Usage” clause.  This line is in addition to the many lines throughout the contract that state my ultimate control over determining which images are suitable for release, which would be b&w versus color, and so on.  I could probably expound on the outtakes specifically, but frankly this has never come up before, and with more careful pre-booking discussions and a better FAQ, I doubt it’ll ever come up again.

Scratch that.  I’m SURE it’ll come up again.

So let’s talk about this.

How do we prevent our clients from micromanaging the editing and release part of our jobs?  We know that most of them don’t really read their contracts or the FAQs or the client information sheets and pdf files and brochures we hand out.  Having policies in place is fantastic, but when you have a client who just refuses to acknowledge your policies, and wants what they want CONTRACT BE DAMNED… well, what then?

One thing I have considered is ADDING the outtake/discard release to our pricelist.  For like $2,500 for the high resolution, print-ready discards and outtakes.  That way, there IS a monetary value attached to the outtakes, and if they really really want them they can, you know, just order them!  Hey, I’m happy to hand over my motion blurred, one-stop-over, mid-blink Exorcist shots.  The ones of the floor, the ones of my feet, the ones of the ceiling… they can have ’em!  $2,500, please.

Would you consider adding the outtakes to your pricelist?  If not, how do you plan to tackle this demand if and when it ever comes up?  Post in the comments, or email us through our contact form.  I’m curious to hear your thoughts.

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