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new year, new host… a few problems


So, if you’re one of the few dozen who has been visiting this site occasionally to see if there were any updates (spoiler… there weren’t), you might have stumbled back here to find that everything is a little off.  Different.  WRONG.

Yep, we switched hosts over the new year holiday, and ran into some technical difficulties in the process.  In short: Charo isn’t the webhostgenius she thought she was, and she’s furiously trying to get all our old content back up before anyone notices how badly she screwed the pooch.

(sidenote: writing about myself in the third person makes me feel good)

So, you know, hang tight and all that.  There may be some nasty bad links and missing content for a short while.  Once we get all of this site transfer stuff fixed, we’ll start working on some new content for you.  Who knows, we may even get back into this blogging business… it’s a lot of work, and the 2015 gave us both more than we could handle without trying to be bloggers at the same time, which is why we sort of fizzled out on the content.  We’re still working, we both still have too many jobs, but 2016 promises to be the year of simplifying, and if things go the way I want them to, we’ll be back in action with A Camera and a Dream before the summer months.

Hey, thanks for always being there, guys.


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