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About Kim & Charo

Kim at a get together.Kim
Photographed her first wedding in 1996 without a clue and used a star filter.   Animal lover, Libra, eats candy secretly in her car;  networks more than she actually works. Known for her no-nonsense  temperament and scolding of photographers online for mishandling client issues.  Find her online: business website | Facebook business page | Facebook personal page

Charo's silly face

Photographed her first wedding in 2001. Libra, Wordsmith, really fast driver. Hates bad logos and loves IPA.  Clearly hates having her photo taken.  Knows that last drink you pour when you come home from the bar is a really bad idea; can tame the most savage bride with her email responses.  Find her online: business website | Facebook business page | Facebook personal page

 Why us?  Because after Kim scolds you for being a dumbshit and letting your clients run your business, Charo will tell you exactly how to defuse the situation and what your options are right now to make it all better.

What’s in it for us?  Being famous on the internet.  Hey, it worked for David Jay.


  1. Great concept! Posts are witty, irreverent, and sometimes a tad bit bitchy. Great fun to read. Can’t wait for more.

  2. I like you ladies. You’re smartasses like me. And photographers. I’ll be reading. Check my writing out as well – website in details above. 😉

  3. High praise from a fellow smartass! We’re big fans of Wootness Christine, thanks for checking us out.

  4. A collabo by my two favoUrite Americans. Can I get a WOOT WOOT!!

  5. Hello girls! This is already proving to be a highly entertaining collaboration, not that I’m surprised. LOL

  6. You have made my life by making this blog :) You two rock!

  7. I dunno how I found you … but wow, there is a Goddess after all! You two are great. David Jay and dumbshit in same post (too bad not on same sentence). Rockstars I never heard of. Pls keep it that way. Down to earth, accessible and real. You made my day!

    From a photographer who REALLY photographed rock stars and according to many, cos of that, and my pix in museums, galleries, high end collectors, I am a rock star. Thanks to DJ and his ilk, now I come across as a poseur. Thanks to you, I can laff out loud! my best to you both!

    jenny lens, the most published West Coast punk photographer, 1976-80 era. Rock on!

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